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Welcome to register at this site. To ensure the correct processing of your examination conducting and license issuing, please abide by the following Terms of Registration:
1. Submit authentic and correct personal information, you are responsible for all the information submitted. Examination application and license issuance are based on those information and you are responsible for all the consequences due to any false and fraudulent information submitted by you.
2. Upon clicking on “Verifying if the individual already exist in the system”, if the system indicates the individual already exists, you are already registered at this system through online application or had conducted license examination by related examination station. Please contact the related examination station or institution to obtain your login name and password. Change your password once you log into the system for the first time.
3. All the items marked with *(asterisk) are required.
4. Once registered, users will have the privileges of examination score checking, license inquiries, online examination application, and etc. Users have to log into the system with their username and password before they could make inquiries and enjoy other registered user privileges. Non-registered users could not make online application and any such inquiries.
5. Registered users are forbidden to share their account and password with other people, and shall be responsible for all the consequences.
6. Registered users must update their account information according to the requirements of the Civil Aircraft Maintenance Personal License Examination Administration upon the change in their personal information.
7. All users must abide by related legal and executive regulations and laws, should not make use of any hacker software to obstruct the normal operation of this website and will be held responsible for all the consequences of such violations.
8. No duplicate registration is allowed. Registration is permanent. Please safeguard your username and password for your own benefits.